Senior Health: Tips to Stay Active Over the Holidays


From holiday dinners to festive get-togethers, the holidays can be a busy time for seniors. The savory holiday-themed dishes and change in schedule can make it challenging to maintain their fitness. With live-in home care, seniors receive assistance with maintaining their fitness goals.

As a trusted provider of home care in Palatine, Illinois, we will share tips to help seniors stay active over the holidays:

  • Wear the appropriate footwear.

    As much as possible, seniors can wear running or comfortable walking shoes. It encourages them to get moving whenever there’s an opportunity. It may entail parking farther away, so they can insert a little walk in between chores or heading out the door for a walk while waiting for a dish to cook in the oven.

  • Try indoor exercises.

    The outdoor weather during the holidays may bring discomfort and increase the risk of falls. A great alternative is indoor exercises, such as chair exercises, yoga, or doing chores around the house. Caregivers can assist seniors with indoor exercises to help them maintain a healthy weight.

  • Build activity into family visits and outings.

    Seniors and their caregivers can establish a routine during the holidays and find ways to incorporate exercise into family visits and outings. Family members can join in and bring workout clothes to encourage seniors to stay active as well.

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