Helping Your Loved Ones Cope with Dementia

helping-your-loved-ones-cope-with-dementiaLiving with dementia can be challenging. As a result, the majority of primary caregiver home care agencies strive to give elders with dementia a greater opportunity at leading secure and comfortable lives at home.

Seniors in live-in home care can receive dementia and Alzheimer’s care from a care provider. We have highly skilled professional caregivers on staff who are experts in providing care services to support people in carrying out their daily tasks.

Helping our clients navigate their homes with ease is a part of our daily companionship and dementia care. Our home care in Palatine, Illinois, accomplishes this via visual cues.

Printed graphics that identify particular things are known as visual cues. To aid your elderly loved one with recognizing, these cues have been put throughout the house. How to begin using visual cues at home is as follows:

  • Put cues where they can see them.
    Especially if your loved one is in a wheelchair, not too high or low.
  • Connect colors to specific rooms in the house.
    For instance, green for their bedroom, orange for the kitchen, and blue for the bathroom.
  • Make use of matte laminating paper.
    Due to its reflecting surface, high gloss lamination might be challenging to look at for elderly people with dementia.
  • Describe the layout of the house.
    To help your loved one find their way about the house, add arrows. Add an arrow and a toilet image to the wall to indicate that, for instance, the bathroom is down the hall. Also, place a toilet notice on the restroom door.

These pointers are intended to make the life of your elderly loved one as comfortable as possible. Call CareDiem® Home Care to learn more about elder care advice.

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