The Layers of Support a Caregiver Provides


Caregivers are the most significant element of home care in Palatine, Illinois. They are the primary drivers of the caring wheel. Without them, the needs of those who need assistance won’t be met. But what do we get when we have caregivers?

  • Physical Support
    From assistance to bathing, housekeeping, and meals – caregivers can assist you with your needs. They have been trained to assist you with various activities of daily living. You can ensure that you receive the right kind of care because a personalized care plan is made at the onset of care to match your needs.
  • Emotional Support
    Being alone creates a mental toll on us. Having live-in home care boosts our emotional health, knowing that you have someone you can lean on every day. Caregivers engage you with stories, conversations, and topics of your interest.
  • Cognitive Support
    Aside from their assistance to care, caregivers also offer activities to keep you mentally sharp. Puzzles, reading books, and playing card games are some activities you can enjoy.
  • Social Support
    When you want to have a walk around the neighborhood, they are on the go. If you are able, caregivers can help you attend social gatherings. With caregiver home care, you can continue to live your life with dignity and normally.

If you are looking for a reliable and compassionate caregiver, CareDiem® Home Care can help. With their experience and values, you get these forms of support with so much quality. Talk to us.

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