Signs It’s Time to Discuss Home Care


When an elderly parent is living independently, you may feel concerned for his or her safety. As time goes on, there may be some instances that indicate a need for caregiver home care. However, it’s not always easy to determine whether or not it is the right time to seek additional help.

As a leading provider of live-in home care, we will discuss the signs that indicate a need for home care:

  • Declining Health

    If your elderly parent was diagnosed with a chronic condition, managing the symptoms on their own can cause distress. Over time, your loved one may require additional help to manage their medications and make sure they keep their symptoms under control.

  • Changes in Mobility

    Changes in your loved one’s gait and mobility could point to more serious health concerns. The inability to move freely without holding on to walls or furniture could be disastrous as it increases the senior’s risk of fall-related injuries. It can also affect their ability to socialize and go outside to run errands or go to their medical appointments.

  • Poor Hygiene

    If your loved one has always been particular about his or her hygiene, you may notice a change right away. Signs of poor hygiene include stains on clothes, body odor, and an unkempt appearance. Poor hygiene could indicate a decline in their health that requires supervision to look after their hygiene needs.

CareDiem® Home Care is a trusted provider of exceptional home care in Palatine, Illinois. Our staff is comprised of experienced and compassionate caregivers who are available on an hourly, 24-hour, or per-shift basis to meet your needs. Reach out to us and set an appointment to discuss your loved one’s home care needs.

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