Reducing the Chances of Readmission


A lack of community support after discharge is the leading cause of hospital readmission for those with chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, according to the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research.

People, especially older adults, often are unable to understand and follow post-discharge instructions; obtain and take medications as prescribed; schedule and attend follow-up appointments with their primary care physician.

As a result of these circumstances, people who are not well-equipped to manage their own health care are more likely to wind up in the hospital again than those who are.

A strong support system at home and coordinated caregiver home care can reduce one’s risk of being readmitted to the hospital.

At CareDiem® Home Care, a reliable provider of home care in Palatine, Illinois, we have a variety of processes in place to help patients successfully transition home after a stay in a hospital, rehabilitation center, or skilled nursing facility.

With our live-in home care providers, we can do the following for you:

  • Review and incorporate the hospital discharge instructions into the patient’s care plan
  • Educate the client, caregivers, and family members about chronic disease warning signals.
  • Help clients make and keep follow-up medical appointments.
  • Prepare meals, do washing, and do minor housekeeping.
  • Identify trip hazards, and make home safety recommendations.

For more information about our services, give us a call at 1-847-221-8444.

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